The Devine Feminine Tour 2016 - pt. 1

Let Me Start By Thanking Justin Boyd, I Asked Him For A Chance To Shoot The Show And He Let Me Do It & I Must Say, It Was A Blast. So Big Thanks To Him!

So I Think I'm Going To Do This In 3 Or 4 Parts, Maybe 5 Because It Was Really Broken Down Into 5 Parts, Ok Now, Onto The Story. 


I arrived at Stage AE around 5:30 and there was already a line wrapped around the building, it was phenomenal. I walked past, trying not to pay attention to the hundreds of people to my left. Then when I arrived at the Will Call window I gave her my ID & the woman there said that the Photo list wasn't in yet so I had to wait to go in. 

as i'm waiting more people show up & the sidewalk became a blend of some of Pittsburgh's top artist & the hundreds of fans waiting to get inside the concert. 

We Waited And Waited And Didn't Get Inside Until 7, As Soon As I Got In, I Ran Into Flack & We Went Backstage. Now Keep In Mind. I Have Been Backstage Before At Other Venues But Nothing & I Mean Nothing Compared To This Place. It Was Pretty Cool Looking Out And Seeing That Many People. It Was Surreal, I Couldn't Believe I Was There. 

Shortly After Getting Backstage I Saw A Few More Familiar Faces And Just Watched How Things Were Happening. I Wanted To Learn The Regular Things That Happen Back There. The Whole Time Without Knowing, I Only Had A Photo Band And I Wasn't Allowed Backstage, I Found This Out When I Tried To Get To The Photo Pit & Security Told Me I Couldn't Get In The Pit And I'm Not Allowed Back Up On Stage. Then I Saw A Photographer I Knew & I Asked Him To Go Get Flack. Soon After Flack Came & They Let Me Go. 

Choo Jackson's Set Was Coming Up And So We Got Ready To Head Out And That's Where You Have To Wait Untl Part 2!


In The Meantime Check Out My Instagram: @ArtLikeUs


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