Miss Mya at the V Lounge!

So I had a fellow photographer named Looney hit me up and ask about my plans for the night. After some discussion about me not doing anything he invited me to shoot with him at the V Lounge. Mya was going to be there. 

Once I arrived I walked around and observed the layout. Then I sat at the bar and ordered a water (which was delicious btw). 

When Mya arrived she came in and greeted everyone while they set up the stage. So I took the time to speak to her Guitarist, who turned out to be a DMV Native named Andrew White III. Really talented young man, we talked for a few minutes and then it was time to perform.

She started off with a mix of old and new records from her newest album Smoove Jones. It was an awesome thing to see an artist still creating 18 years into their career. She stopped mid performance to give out free glasses of her Planet 9 Fine Wine to a few lucky Libras and made it up to the rest of the crowd with her silky "smoove" tunes. I really had a great time and it was pretty cool meeting Mya.

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