Be Sure As F*ck

"If you aren't willing to dedicate yourself to sacrificing sh*t , how bad do you really want it? "


You gotta be able to let go of being scared and let go of needing confirmation so you can take a chance. 


I look at it like this, say I'm 25. If I have been doing something all of my 7 years of adult life and it fails. So what..

7 years out of 80+ aint the end, if I start something else right now, i might be able to find better success in it because of what I learned in the business side of being an artist so if photography was to fail, that's only because I stopped trying. You have to fail in order to learn, so a loss is a lesson. Take the L and do it a lil different next time over and over until it works and that's called success lol.

Note when I say "trying", I mean 7 years of real effort. Not "I do this enough to say I do it but I go out every weekend and buy all the J's" trying, I mean messy hair, secondhand shoes, same shirt type trying. Strict discipline, respect yourself enough to take yourself extremely serious and run your business like the business you wish you ran.

Be sure of what you want and Go for it with everything you have and you can get it if you ask me.



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