Tee Shirts & Hoodies!

I finally found a way to reliably get my merchandise to you all, no matter where you are! 


This is the Basic Black Collection with a Black ArtLikeUs Logo on a selection of different color tees & hoodies. 

Whenever you rock your Hoodie use Hashtag #ALUbasics for a feature on the @ArtLikeUs instagram  



I might be consistent this time, here's the "I Quit Vlog" Episode 4!

Here's the 4th installment of the "I Quit" vlog! I start it off with the 2018 New Year in Washington DC with my mans Bandz, then we hit the Burgh for the InTheRoughStyle Commendation Awards Ceremony & the New Wave Podcast with Nigel!

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Burgh Boyz Ep 7 with Stoney & Spacejam Jiff

Episode 7 of The Burgh Boyz hosted by DJ Motormane and DJ Spillz with Stoney & SpaceJam Jiff Live on air to discuss their upcoming projects & to crack a few jokes. JKJ, Mike Neal, Sarah BaderWllFlwr Media & Quizzle were in attendance along with Q & Pacman and it really got started when it was time for Kushtime with Flack.


Smoke & Jokes in the air, Flack had to address the most recent strike to his beloved backwoods.

He said his piece about it & added that "when it's natural, you got get some natural shit." So he wasn't phased by the controversy and remains faithful to the Flackwoods. We went back and forth about the topic and continued the interview. 

The guys got the Burgh Boyz banner hung up today too!

Peep the Photos from this week below.


Be on the lookout for the Official Recap Video, shot by me, edited by Daniel Kelly.

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In the Meantime, watch Episode 5 with Chancelor Humphrey & Cody Baker

Chance Humphrey and Cody Baker sat down with The Burgh Boyz DJ Spillz & DJ Motormane to talk about what they've been doing in the city and gave their top club records right now. Also DJ Petey C joins us for the first ever guest DJ set on the The Burgh Boyz!