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The Pittsburgh Stop of the Decent Exposure Tour

So Wiz Khalifa and the Gang made their way to Burgettstown for what is the regular banger. I donโ€™t know how many thousand people it was but I know like half of them were smoking, that place was cloudy all the way to the lawn


As soon as I got out the car I ran into the Burgh Boyz hosts Flack & Spillz in the lot and we walked around and met with a few familiar faces like JKJ & Aarik Nesby and a few new faces like Will Mracna. We went in just in time for me to grab some of Kris Hollisโ€™ set and walking around the stadium I ran into even more people I know. My man Arnold Walker from Uniontown came thru, Steelwheels was there with Zach & Lonnieโ€™s Gram was chilling with Rawheem in the shade soaking in the views.

After some high times, Chevy ended up going on and it got lit, I snuck into the photo pit for a few extra songs than what they were supposed to give me and so was able to get some really good shots of Chevy. Moneybagg yo came and out & they went crazy too


As you can see the crowd was thick, early! This was Pittsburgh so that was a given, I took a break a hit the crowd, did a lap backstage and this is what I got

Then it was time for the Cap

If you got all the way down to this, thanks lol. So I did what I do and came out with these, if you like them check out The Art gallery for some more highlights of my work or hit the social icon below for my pages!