People with cameras

"There are a lot of things that make a good photograph. You have to think about texture and gesture and composition, and all the things that painting has in it. Technology doesn’t change the way photography is. It just — it makes it available to more people, which means there’s going to be much, much more really terrible pictures taken or pictures that are totally dependent on SUBJECT, which is all, all right.
If you were there when the Hindenburg caught on fire, and you took a picture of it, that’s a great photograph. But you’re not a great photographer, because you can’t repeat that in everyday things.
What a great photographer does is, they are consistently able to make something in a style that’s personal to themselves. My pictures don’t depend on extreme sharpness. They depend on the composition and on the subject and on the way I see it."




I watched a video and heard A quote from Ken Van Sickle about being a great photographer that I loved. Not only because it's familiar to my thinking but it means a lot. I believe what separates a photographer from a "person with a camera" is the things seen by a photographer that the "pwac" never thought to care about.


The "person with a camera" is focused on shooting "This Thing" or "This Person" where a photographer can make something boring come alive because of the way they direct a viewer in a photo, not to say they can't capture an event in a great way but it's like this.


Almost everyone can buy and drive a car but how many can take that same car around the Nurburgring going all out?

  • (Famous Racetrack look it up, I'm a car guy deep down lol)

There are people who can drive on the highway in a straight line and hit 135mph but once it gets technical and you have to be able to treat turn 4 differently than turn 12 going 60mph, it gets tricky. It's the same with photography, you may be in a venue with white walls with your dslr & a speedlite attached, producing awesome shots just like whoever else but who can't? What about that photo is going to say it was taken by you?


I think that is something that new age photographers including myself are losing out on early in our careers. We can take 300 disposable photos and throw away what we don't like, opposed to taking our time, and creating a shot. Then only taking 2 exposures because film is to expensive. We lost a sense of the art of photography.

So with that said I vow to always produce artwork and to present only the best.


Enjoy, the Art Like Us..