I might be consistent this time, here's the "I Quit Vlog" Episode 4!

Here's the 4th installment of the "I Quit" vlog! I start it off with the 2018 New Year in Washington DC with my mans Bandz, then we hit the Burgh for the InTheRoughStyle Commendation Awards Ceremony & the New Wave Podcast with Nigel!

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A Night of Symphonic Hip Hop Featuring Common at Heinz Hall

What do you do when you get the chance to shoot a concert for one of Raps most prolific artists in a venue that houses almost 3,000 people and is home to one of the most respected symphonies in the country? You do that shit… And you kill it.

When I walked into Heinz Hall, I was blown away by its size. With 24 carat gold details throughout the building, two 15 ft. chandeliers 2,000lbs a piece hung from the ceilings & a very "grand" auditorium in every sense of the word. So when I say it was LIT, I mean it with all puns intended.

The Pittsburgh Symphony along with Activist, Actor and all around artist Common would almost seem like a dream.  It’s such a humbling experience to be able to go to these amazing venues, to shoot artist I respect and grew up listening to is something I’ll never get over. When Kiki from Wamo and Nice2Media hit me up about this opportunity I knew I had to take it, and it was worth every minute.

Common killed the stage, the first thing I noticed was my man’s shoes, I don’t know what he was wearing or who makes them but they were clean. Being a rap artist in a venue that normally caters to a “different” audience, I didn’t know how it would work, but it did and they meshed perfectly. You could hear every instrument perfectly and they didn’t miss a beat. It was an experience like nothing else. 

Common's ability to be an unapologetically black man in a setting that is outside of what one might consider a “comfort zone” spoke for itself, his interaction with the crowd made it so much more personal than a lot of shows I’ve seen. Common, is someone we can all admire, seeing him do his thing reminded me of a lyric he spit. “I was born by a lake, chicken shack, and a church/ That mean the flow got wings and it come from the dirt.”   

This mans charm, poetry, and pure lyrical genius, took him to a position that allows him to perform for thousands of people at a time, each one of them rapping his lyrics word for word, with a full symphony behind him. Shit was crazy, you don’t know where life is going to take you. But there I was, shooting all of it with a 6d & a 24-70, hoping what I shot would be able to capture a fraction of what the experience was like. 

Check out the shots and let me know what you think, I think it was pretty cool.

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Tye Thomas



Diploma in Nursing

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Shy Glizzy at the Rex Theater

I got the chance to shoot Shy Glizzy at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh and it was awesome. Every song had an energy that the audience couldn't help but dance to. 


He made great use of the stage and was able to keep both ends of the stage extremely entertained to say the least. The shots I got came out great and I was really excited to come home and edit them.

Shy Glizzy had the entire crowd under his control, the energy was amazing.